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Earlsfield Talks to Josefina Garcia, the founder of Nanos Spanish

In November 2017, the British Council released research ranking Spanish as number one in a list of foreign languages which will be most important for the UK's future prosperity and influence. In addition to this, the British Council, along with a number of other organisations, have long fought for second languages to be compulsory in all schools from age 7 to 16, as research suggests that our ability to learn new languages is at is strongest during our early years.

Josefina Garcia is ahead of the game, having founded Nanos Spanish four years ago and holding over 12 years teaching experience under her belt. She has built her reputation in Earlsfield as an engaging, credible and fun Spanish teacher for children.

Josefina Garcia, welcome to Earsfield Talks. Please tell us a bit about yourself...

I am from Valladolid, a city north west from Madrid, Spain. It's northwestern Spain's biggest city.

My love of languages began when I started learning English and I thought it was the best thing ever to say "weird" words in a "strange" accent, it was like a new game!

My parents sent me to Ireland every summer to improve my English. Being able to communicate effectively in a second language meant that I made so many great friends and had so many adventures! It was like having another dimension to my life.

I Studied English and Spanish at university and my dream was to pass on my passion for learning languages and the huge advantages that it offers.

I also did a teaching degree and decided to move to Ireland. From there I came to London where there were more teaching opportunities available and after different teaching experiences to all ages and in various environments I started teaching in a School in Putney where I also managed the Language Department.

What drove you to create Nanos Spanish?

Languages are best learned as soon as possible! Children's minds are incredible, I wanted to contribute a little to their development as global citizens.

What difference does/can your business make to the community?

I love the idea of languages leading to a vibrant multicultural community that offers different choices. From eating and buying foods from around the world to having the opportunity to learn music, yoga, dance, languages, martial arts, go to the theatre or the cinema, the choice is yours!

What are your biggest challenges and achievements?

My constant challenge is having a lot of ideas and not having the time to make it happen

I'm driven by passion more than business but I am very proud to have been successfully offering classes for toddlers and pre-schoolers in our area for 4 years and to have managed to launch my new online Spanish courses for the little ones.

Our busy lives can make it hard to look for classes or find resources to help children learn languages, our online content is a well structured course for the under 5's with interactive videos, songs and activities and a great first step into language learning.

What are the best and worst parts of your job?

Without a doubt, the best is seeing the children learn and progress and their constant enthusiasm and contagious joy.

The worst would be needing to manage my time correctly to get everything done, which often means work at the weekends and holidays

Who or what has inspired you?

My inspiration comes from many sources, but mainly from people that have a dream and are constant and persistent enough to make it come true.

What advice would you give your younger self?

The answers to all your doubts will not come to you just because you keep thinking about them, one needs to talk, ask and act.

For more information, or to contact Josefina, email:

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