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New Year's resolutions from the High Street

Leading businesses tell Earlsfield Talks their personal, professional and light-hearted resolutions for 2018

Jatinder Verma, CEO of Tara Arts

My new year’s resolution is to connect the worlds of East and West with The Game of Love and Chai - a delightful new comedy by Nigel Planer, based on the French classic farce by Marivaux. Chai and Love is the theme of Tara Theatre through 2018 & I look forward to serving both in equal measure throughout the year!

Martin Herbert, Managing Director, Banham Group

My new year's resolution is to share less on social media. Whilst I very much enjoy being connected with friends across the world, we are in a generation where everyone shares their every movement online, which can unfortunately implicate your security. By being more mindful about the content we share on social media, particularly your location or 'checking in', we can better protect ourselves and our home

Sue Hollway, owner of Roxie Steakhouse

Roxie's resolution is to finally get Earlsfield its first Michelin Star ;)

Daniella Ram and Shareefa Jennings, founders of Cognito Hair

Our new year's resolution is to take good care of our health and the environment! We promote using hair care products that are organically certified, sulphate/paraben-free, eco-friendly and that we have tried and tested ourselves - because we want the best for our health and the planet.

James Weston, Earlsfield Manager, Hamptons

This year, fingers crossed, we will be seeing the arrival of a new addition to the family and therefore my first new year's resolution is to actually take some paternity leave this time round rather than the 1 day I took when my eldest was born.

My second resolution is to be meticulously organised in order to maintain the high levels of customer service that saw Hamptons Earlsfield & Southfields recognised as the 24th best branch in the UK (out of 30,000) by Rightmove and the Estate Agency Academy. Hamptons' 3rd full year in Earlsfield will see us take another step forward in continuing success and therefore, along with both the new baby and a new house (hopefully exchanging contracts on new home in Earlsfield any day now), things are going to be busy!

Nick Lindsay, founder of Pawpairs

My new year's resolution is to increase our donations towards animal charities which we feel are most deserving and in need of support- a hard choice as there are so many!

Geoff Simmons, Earlsfield Historian

I want to interest people in the extraordinary history and stories that have shaped this area - the place they've chosen to make their home or workplace. The more you learn about somewhere, the more you understand it and the more likely you are to fall in love with it. People feel more connected, it creates a buzz, enhances community and makes for a better place in which to live or work. I want to hear more comments like 'I can't believe twenty five people came down my street on a guided tour. How wonderful!'.

Skip Oliver, founder of WhyYoga

My new year’s resolution is to have the intention to commune with Nature and converse with her charms everyday. I spend a lot of time in front of my computer, which dulls my spirit and often causes me anxiety. I live in a beautiful rural area and when I muse over my natural surroundings I feel a sense of solitude and connection to the life throb of ages. We can do this in an urban environment too, all it takes is a moment to observe the bumble bee on a flower, or to lie on a park bench and look up at the winter branches of an old oak tree. Nature is and always will be the ultimate spiritual teacher and healer. from our MP, Dr Rosena Allin-Khan:

My new years resolution this year is to try and keep it local when shopping for groceries. Earlsfield has so many fantastic local businesses that need support from the community to thrive. I'll also be continuing to represent residents on the issues that matter, and championing the shops and businesses that take our area from strength to strength!