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Earlsfield Talks: to Ben's Canteen

When ET found out about local favourite, Ben's Canteen's, new gin we couldn't wait to try that we have we can confidently say it is excellent! We spoke to Ben Walton, CEO of Ben's Canteen to find out more:

Congratulations on creating Earlsfield’s first ever Gin, what inspired this decision?

We’re a neighbourhood hangout and we were seeking ways to become more relevant to the local community. The excellent By The Horns brewery, just up the road from us, had craft beer covered but to our surprise there was no local Earlsfield gin.

In addition, we want to raise the profile of Earlsfield. Tooting is hot right now but we feel Earlsfield is a bit of a secret gem. I think all the local businesses would like it to be less of a secret and hopefully having a local gin will help achieve that and I hope in turn will create more local jobs too.

How long have you been working on your gin for?

Since last summer, Shane, our operations manager and distiller has been honing the recipe and we are really pleased with the outcome.

What is the gin best matched with?

It’ll go great with a bottle of Fever Tree mediterranean tonic, a slice of orange and a sprig of lavender.

And friends, it’s a drink to be enjoyed sociably.

Your Bloody Mary mix has also been very successful, are any other drinks in store for Ben’s Canteen?

We met with Geoff Simmons, the local Earlsfield Historian and he revealed all sorts of history that will allow us to create more gins. Did you now that the street the canteen is on (Trewint ST) used to have an ammo factory on it?! So look out for a gunpowder gin.

In the future we are also keen on the idea of an Earlsfield Rum and the perfect vodka to go with our bloody mary mix.

Where can ET readers try it?

In our Earlsfield canteen or in local retailers such as Dugard & Daughters where people can buy bottles to enjoy at home. We also hope that other local bars and restaurants will stock it.