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Earlsfield businesses pull together for prize draw as Cognito calls for nominations of inspiring wom

Eco-friendly Earlsfield salon Cognito has partnered with other local businesses to recognise the achievements of women in our community.

What began as an initiative for International Women's Day in March, has been extending until 30 April in recognition of the challenging environment we are in.

Cognito's wonderful initiative is supported by Eclectic Collection, Guinot, Enhance Fitness, Eliana's Craft Den, Back to Back and Hallowed Belly.

Want to get involved: all you need to do is email them nominating a woman who inspires you or who you feel deserves to be honoured! To kick this off, Earslfield Talks asked Shareefa and Daniella, the founders of Cognito to share their own personal nominations of inspiring women: Shareefa:

"Where do I start and who do I start with? I have an amazing mother and some amazing friends, that are more like sisters. They all inspire me and are true Wonder Women, they have taught me and helped me through all my life’s journey. Big and small, rough and smooth, they really must have some supernatural powers! Above all, the love and support that they have given me are absolutely priceless and no words can express my love and gratitude towards them.

I've also had a great privilege to have worked over 21 years within an industry where I am surrounded by so many beautiful and inspirational women. To all of the women whom I've had the honour to beautify your hair and build a relationship with, this is for you! You have added to my life in so many precious ways, taught me so many valuable lessons and not only contributed to enhancing my skills as a hair care expert but you've helped me grow, build character, supported me and cheered me on. I nominate every single one of you, you truly inspire me and I hope that someone out there will recognise everything you have done, every success, every failure that has made you stronger, how you have impacted so many lives around you and nominate you too... So what are you waiting for? Nominate a woman now!"

And this lovely one from Daniella too:

"If I was going to nominate one local woman for the IWD prize draw I’d nominate a woman very close to home, my business partner and friend Shareefa.

On our journey we've celebrated many accomplishments, but also lived through many challenging times together. Start-up life can be as equally demanding as it is rewarding and I can only commend my comrade for all the long hours, dedication and determination that she's put into looking after our clients.

As well as running a salon full-time she's a mother, and I've seen the sacrifices that she's made to dedicate her life to her son as well as achieving salon success. She always puts the best effort she can into serving the needs of our clients, making sure they come first and get the best hair care results possible. One of Shareefa's most inspiring moments was last year when she returned to work after sustaining a major hand injury. She really really REALLY should have been at home resting, but what shines through is her love and concern for our clientele and team - It was so important to her that everybody felt comfortable and confident despite her own circumstances!

I don't know how I would have faced some of our toughest challenges without her and I can't think of any other woman who deserves time out to relax and enjoy themselves!"

Full prizes below:

Prize Draw 1

· A hair service of their choice at Cognito Hair

· Brunch for two at Eclectic Collection

· An aromatherapy facial at Guinot

· 5 group classes at Enhance Fitness

· A home fragrance gift set by Eliana’s Craft Den

Prize Draw 2

· A hair service of their choice at Cognito Hair

· Brunch for two at Hallowed Belly

· Reflexology at Back to Back

· 5 group classes at Enhance Fitness

· A home fragrance gift set by Eliana’s Craft Den

Email your nomination to